Lesaffre’s bread improvers are designed to simplify the work of bakers and enhance the resulting products. A tailored blend of reducing agents, oxidants, enzymes and emulsifiers; bread improvers optimise the functional characteristics of bread by significantly changing the way dough acts at each stage of the bread-making process.


Our improvers are developed and tested in actual conditions and everyday usage. Flour quality, manufacturing processes, the equipment used, regulatory requirements and the type of final product are all considered. Our experts are experienced bakers and formulators who understand dough structure, flour characteristics, and the production challenges facing bakers every day.

Magimix®, 30 years’ of experience and expertise


Magimix® has a wide range of solutions to make the baker’s job easier and offer consumers the bread they love. Each improver guarantees genuine results and solutions adapted to each type of flour and each baking process. With Magimix® Green and Magimix® Blue available, each product offers a different function that caters to a variety of baking processes.

IBIS® 300


Ibis®300 bread improver designed for all bread types, be it a sandwich bread, brioche or baguette, and it is versatile enough to adapt to different types of flour. The use of Ibis®300 enable the dough to develop, increasing gas retention in dough to create more volume. The extensibility and tolerance of the dough are enhanced as well to give the baked goods a golden brown crust without compromise the taste and aroma.



Lesaffre has developed an original patented anti-flaking solution combining a bread-making process with the use of an improving agent, Minute Bread® enables bread that has been frozen after pre-baking at high temperature to be ready in less than three minutes and solves the problem of crust flaking often noticed during final baking.

DBL Master® – Mantau


DBL-Master® improver is recommended to be used in various steam buns, with or without fillings. The use of DBL-Master® improver is able to help to provide volume, texture, softness and a better appearance to the end products.

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