APAC Post-Covid-19 Food Resolutions

Food is life, and all around the world, the pandemic is changing the way we live and the way they eat. Interestingly, these adjustments seem poised to endure even post-pandemic.

Since Covid-19, families and individuals have been spending more time at home to observe government measures.

Not surprisingly, the humble kitchen took on a more prominent role in peoples’ lives. For many, the once under-utilised household fixture transformed into a place for experimentation and to whip up quick and satisfying meals.

At the same time, more and more turned to online delivery services for food and ingredients instead of their regular grocer or supermarket.

Recent surveys reveal that more than half of consumers in Asia Pacific would like to prepare more home-cooked meals post-Covid-19.

Also, almost two in three Asia Pacific consumers shared that they would continue getting their food online even if it became safe to return to physical stores.

Moreover, close to 40% of Asia Pacific consumers would like to follow a diet that reduces the risk of lifestyle diseases post-pandemic.

Watch the video below to discover the various food resolutions of consumers in the region.

From food preferences to purchasing behaviour, consumers in Asia Pacific and beyond are continually adapting to constantly-emerging changes affecting the way we live.

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